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YTD 2020. Good-Bye Robinhood. Hello WeBull

Original Twitter Post:

It was an amazing year! One of my favorites so far, which I know is more than a lot of people in this weird world. Trust me, everyday I consider myself blessed.

My #YTD #portfolio went up107%. I almost kept up with the infamous @CathieDWood

Technically this portfolio was only over 9 months, so that would put me at 11.89%/month; or 142%/year, BEATING $ARKK. :D

On the downside, I had a blast with Robinhood. Toward the end there was just to much downtime, and when you are trading options that is game changing. I'm a sucker for their P/L graph, nevertheless it is time to move on. #Webull enters the room.

Webull is a great exchange with many, many more tools for charting and research. They are one of the only brokers that offer extended hour trading, so we can get our trading fix a couple hours before and after regular market hours. If you are thinking of switching, they are giving away 4 free stocks right now if you use my link. It will support my blog if you do and I will be ever appreciative.

Happy Trading. We all hope that 2021 is a prosperous year.

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