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What to Watch Week of April 12th, 2021

I do live trading on my Twitter and would like to post the real option trades that I am doing, and what my current watchlist is. Follow along on my journey to $1 million.


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Last week was a great week for tech stocks, and the 10 Year Treasury finished flat at around 1.66%. The QQQ is almost all the way back up to all time highs, and has flipped the super trend to bullish. I'd will be looking for the QQQ to pass $338 to keep pushing upwards. Futures are currently pointing down early in the morning and if we are in for a tech cool off, I will be getting into some weekly QQQ puts. We might see it pull back to the 50 day MA.


I've totally revamped the Watchlist and now it will be new every week. There are two parts: Short Term Options and Long Term/Swing Trades. The Short term will either be weekly or monthly calls and puts. This list is to give you an idea of what I will be watching for a possible entry. Keep in mind short term options are the highest risk, and only you are responsible for closing the positions. Follow me on twitter for the live trades. Every time I execute a trade, I post screenshots.

The Long Term/Swing Trades are for either common stock or LEAPS, or buy and hold. Depending on your portfolio and your goal, you would know best on how to allocate your money. For me, I'll be doing a combination of both, but mostly common stock. My favorite trading style is swing trading common stock. The format will be how the old watchlist use to be; with a price target, a entry price, and risk. No timeframe since it is all 'long term'. I will still be updating this section throughout the week if there is anything that comes up.



ACIC: A SPAC that has confirmed it will be merging with Archer Air. The special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) soared following an announcement that the business planned to merge with electric-plane company Archer. The price of the SPAC ran up to $18.60, but is now all the way back down to $10, which is the price all SPACs are. In the IPO, SPACs are typically priced at a nominal $10 per unit.

Archer, a leader in the Urban Air Mobility (“UAM”) space commercializing electric vertical takeoff and landing (“eVTOL”) aircraft, has announced its commitment to launching its first UAM network in Los Angeles by 2024. Archer’s partnership with the city of Los Angeles will work to address some of Southern California’s mobility challenges, offering people a new option to travel in and around dense cities in a fast, safe, sustainable, and cost-effective manner.

In my opinion, this might be to cheap to pass on. I'm interested in buying back into ACIC at around $10. Maybe it will drop below the $10 IPO level briefly, but I wouldn't expect it to stay down there for a long time. Since this is a SPAC, I prefer to buy common stock and either swing trade it or hold through the merger. There isn't much downside if buying in around $10, however I don't plan on putting a lot of money into this position.

GEVO: Gevo, Inc. operates as a renewable fuels company. The company commercializes gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel fuel to achieve zero carbon emissions, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with sustainable alternatives. Its products also include renewable biodiesel, isooctane, isobutanol, sustainable aviation fuel, isobutylene, ethanol, and animal feed.

There is a push for renewable energy and fuels, and that will only grow bigger. If we can get this stock less than $10, it is an excellent buy in my opinion. Also, at $8 the company sold 44 million shares in an offering already, so I think $8 is a strong buy.

I set a target of $11 for a swing trade, in and out. However longer term I believe GEVO can push to $16.

BABA: Alibaba just got fined $2.8 Billion USD but doesn't expect negative impacts from new conditions after Chinese regulators on Saturday imposed a $2.8 billion antitrust fine vs. for abusing its market dominance over merchants and rivals. The record penalty comes amid unprecedented scrutiny vs. the Chinese e-commerce giant and its founder Jack Ma.

This could be a riskier play, but I don't think that the e-commerce giant is going anywhere. They have already started the 'suck-up' process with Beijing and the CCP. If this is a bottom for the stock, it is a wonderful buy in opportunity. I'd be weary with options, but LEAPS and especially commons could be pretty tempting.

ARKG: Out of all of the Cathie Wood Ark Invest ETF's, the ARKG Genomic Revolution ETF still has the most upside in my opinion. Currently it is still trading well below ATH's and if we can pick it up if/when it approaches the 180 day MA, we could have ourselves another great long term position.

Remember, please review the targets and entries on the Watchlist.


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