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What to Watch this Week - January 18-22, 2021

I do live trading on my Twitter and would like to post the real options trades I am doing, and what my current watchlist is.

The markets ended down last week and Monday is MLK. Here is what I will be watching for on Monday, and when the markets open on Tuesday.



$BTC has pulled back this weekend and could provide us an excellent buying opportunity. It seems to be hitting short term resistance on the middle Bollinger band and is still in an overall uptrend. If you are looking to flip, this would be a little risky. I'd wait until (if) it pulls back to $33k and under. Last time it dipped to $30k, I bought a few more, but I am not planning on flipping them as of now. I will wait to see how BTC holds up next time it approaches $40k and decide then. If it pulls down to $30k again, I will buy a little. Don't go all in at any price.

I've invested in BTC since 2011 and I know that it could go to $3k next week or $100k next month. Always be mindful with Crypto.



$PLTR - Last week I bought a couple of $30 March calls and it looks like this one is setting up for a big upwards push. I'd recommend getting into some calls around a $25 underlying value. This one can easily be in the money, but it is one of the more volatile ones.

$AMD is setting up for a run to $100 just like I wrote about last week. Currently my $100 April call is down, however I am considering rolling it or buying more this week. Let's see how it plays out. We still have plenty of time, one good spike on the underlying could put us in the profit.

$ICLN I will be watching to buy more LEAPS. I'm not concerned with any short term price dips.

$LI & $XPEV These are both Chinese EV manufacturers that have huge momentum in China. The cars are very nice and I believe these are both undervalued. Currently, I have a $40 March $LI call that is down a little bit. Both of these I expect to have a big upward move the next time the EV market does, which is all the time recently. I'll be watching this one more carefully, but I don't expect them to fall much more.

$SOLO is an interesting Canadian EV manufacturer. I put this in the same category as the above two. Wait for a pull back further before getting in if you already have other EV stocks. It's always best to keep diversifying.

$TRXC is a medical device and instruments company that has made a robotic system and SurgiBot system that can perform surgeries while controlling multiple arms and a camera simultaneously. This is most likely where the future of surgery is headed and getting in on these companies now will have big upside. This one is cheap, $2 at time of writing, so I am thinking of just buying the underlying or some LEAPS. I'd be cautious and go small on this one.

$PRNT Wait for a pull back to buy commons of LEAPS.

$BA Airliners are not going anywhere. Let's take a look at the chart. I'm a buyer at $190/$185/$180. I don't believe that the new admin will shut everything down again, so this is still a covid discount stock.

$THCX Decriminalization is imminent and a vote is near. Legalization is a possibility in this administration although I don't think it would come anytime soon. I will be waiting to buy LEAPS, commons, or start selling covered puts. Preferably I would wait until this gap is filled to buy it; I am not brave enough to buy puts for this yet, however it is an option. RSI looks like its tipping over, and MACD is showing overbought. Keeping a close watch on this one.


Keep watching $QQQ, $SMH and $SPY for potential opportunities to get in and out. The markets are near or at all time highs now and has been trending steeply up for a long period of time. Don't be surprised if there is a pull back soon. Take a look at the triple Q chart below:

I would not at all be surprised if this pulled back to the $300 support level. By no means do I expect a huge crash, but since the pandemic crash in March there has ben two clear pull backs. Luckily, both have bounced on support. Do not fear fellow traders, this is a good thing and just means we will be buying more if that happens. My take is to go small right now; in and out. Play it safe. Even sometimes sitting on the sidelines is better than getting injured.

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