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Update to The Pro Stock Posting Schedule


I’m changing my schedule up a little and focusing more on what I enjoy most. From now I won’t be doing as much live-streaming. I want to focus on the YouTube videos, commentary and write ups. Now I’m a lot busier and with the time change, I need an extra hour to do the 1-on-1s. Time didn’t change for me so I lost an hour premarket to live stream and do coaching. I’d like to focus on this plus my own trading, which I’ll still be posting to twitter and will be improving the format on which I post the plays.

  • Expect the write ups to come out around opening bell and the YouTube videos to shortly after that.

  • Less Livestreaming - none planned for now.

  • The write ups will focus on the previous day's PNL and new picks plus trade ideas for the current day.

I'll try this new schedule for a week or so and then adjust if needed. The picks I'm making with targets and entries wont necessarily hit in the day or day after I make the post anyways, so hopefully the timing of the posts won't affect that as much. Keep in mind, follow me on Twitter for the live trades and picks in advance.

Don't forget to join the Discord to stay in contact and up to date on what's happening. We have a "Wall of Fame" section where I post most notable gains from my followers. If you think your trades PNL should be posted, please send me a message on Discord with a screenshot of your trades. This really helps me out!

Remember, I do the 1-on-1s and it is keeping me busy lately! If you are interested in setting up a call, please fill out the contact form.

Last but not least, show your support by joining Webull with my link. You will get 2 free stocks right now, which are usually around $10 each if you deposit $100. (20% ROI)


Thank you as always for showing your support! The Pro Stock community has grown so much over the past few months and I credit it all to you! I have other future updates in mind to and looking forward to what else this year has in store.

See you on the other side!

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