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PSA Recap Jan 15

Today was one of those days where we got into some of the stocks we have been watching and talking about recently. Markets pulled back today for the long, three day weekend. Monday is a holiday. Dow -0.58% | Nasdaq -0.79% | S&P -0.73% I do live trading on my twtr and would like to post some actual options trades I am doing, and what my current watchlist is. These are the positions I entered today:

  • $ARKG I picked up a call with expiration this December. With a $160 strike price and the trajectory this is on, I believe it should be ITM before that. This was a little expensive so I kept the position small.

  • $ARKK Finally got a decent deal on a call for September expiration. This was one of my best performing stocks last year and I believe with the leadership of Cathie Woods and the recent buying of $PLTR, this will easily be ITM.

  • $N N D M Yesterday I had mentioned this ARK baby. $13/15 short term price target, I'd get out at that with half and let half ride.

  • $PLTR Another ARK baby. They build software platforms for institutions such as the US government. It has garnered a lot of attention over the last few months.

Some profits are better than no profits! I take profits at 25/50/100% and let the rest ride until closer to expiration. Don't wait for me to take profits. You should watch your own positions and do what you feel comfortable with. When your position reaches +25% profit, close out a portion of you position. Do that at 50% and 100% as well. | Ex. If you have a position of 4 contracts. Sell 1 contract at +25% and sell another at +50%. Sell the other two either at 75/100%. Or, leave one to ride all the way until expiration. WATCHING FOR TUESDAY

  • $AMD Might cost average or roll the call depending on the direction when market opens. Seems like it is hitting my buy zone that I posted on my chard from yesterday's report. If it does, I'm rolling.

  • $ICLN is a similar situation. Will probably average down on this one if price drops again on Tuesday. This is why I keep small positions. Price seems to be filling a gap around $29 currently. Still an excellent longer term play with new admin in the White House.

  • $SMH or $SOXL Semiconductors are always my favorite. They are down a decent amount today, so I'd pick some $SOXL up for your long term hold and $SMH for some call options. (Remember small accounts can do debit spreads instead of naked calls)

  • $QQQ or $TQQQ Nasdaq is down. Still believe in tech long term. Good time to pick up some $TQQQ for your long term hold and some $QQQ for an option play. Be watching for when I post live plays on twt.

  • $DBX is setting up for a big move either way. Watch for the price to reach $24 to establish a new uptrend or below $22 for downtrend. Resistance is on 180 MA. I'd recommend selling covered puts for now if you have the cash for it.

  • $PRNT is a 3D printing ETF managed by ARK invest. I will be picking up some mid term call options. Easy decision.

  • $BA is gaining on MACD and still has a long way to recover from Covid. Future for airliners should be up with all the vaccines. New administration seems to be walking back on shut down talks.

  • $THCX I didn't get a chance to pick some of these up. I might buy 100 shares of the commons to sell covered puts with and run the Wheel Strategy (triple income strategy). Other than that, long term calls will be profitable. Don't go so big because new administration might not legalize. A vote to decriminalize federally is soon. Play the rumor?

I hope you guys appreciate this. I love anything investing related; its my passion. I'd love to make this a daily thing on your subreddit! If you want to follow my live trades everyday and get on these positions when I do, kindly follow me on twt. Feel free to DM me your questions there, here or on telgrm! I got a lot of positive feedback on starting a youtube channel for me to discuss these stock plays and daily Pro Trader recaps as well as tutorials on how to trade or read charts. I'm a full time trader and investor so I have time to do that when markets are closed! Twt: Real_ZLParker TG: zlparker Keeping your portfolio relevant!

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