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Journey to $1 Million, The End of 2021

It is only a week out from Christmas 2021, and I'll be taking a little break and going on holiday. In this post I'll be covering all of the rest of the alerts and possible triggers for the rest of the year. Next year brings a lot more excitement and potential profits. I will be anxiously awaiting to get back at it.


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UDOW alert triggered today as it bounced off of the 50MA. Seasonality for this ETF looks good through February before dipping in March, which is more or less what I expect market wide. We are in a little December slump currently, but it isn't anything to be concerned about. With inflation up, these ETFs should as well.

TQQQ also triggered today as it bumped off of the 50MA. More of the same feelings for TQQQ as UDOW. If we hold right now, this is a good time to be DCA into this position. I like LEAPS and commons for both.

SNOW triggered today, although it didn't really hold the 50MA. Overall this stock has been in a very strong up trend, for a while. If you believe in the fundamentals of this company, now is a good chance to buy in.

SHOP triggered today as it touched the YTD VWAP. It has bounced off of this point before 4 times in the last couple months. What is key for this and other of my alerts is going to be a bounce confirmation. I will see if we can get further move upwards, before going to big into it. However, it isn't really ever a bad time to buy SHOP.

AMZN also triggered today. I am hoping this is a great time to get in again, since the stock does bad in December and starts picking up in January and February, usually.

NKE is another alert that triggered today from a bounce on the 50MA. As you are starting to notice, a lot of stocks and ETFs are at medium strength support levels. Nike usually does well in Q1, so while it is down, I believe the risk/reward is worth it for some calls right now.


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ZM is really on the decline, and I don't really see a huge need for it anymore after covid lockdowns. Not to mention there are good and free alternatives now, like Discord, Team Meets, Spaces etc. I will be waiting for another chance to buy puts off of the 50MA.

SOXL is close to the 50MA, but I'm not sure if it will hit before January, typically the best month of the year for semiconductors. Long term LEAPS and commons always tend to work well here.

Similar situation to SOXL, UPRO is also close to the 50MA. We almost got a trigger today, but barely missed it. Still not necessarily a bad play to just DCA into.

LULU seasonality tends to get worse right after Christmas in Jan and Feb. I've got an alert set to trigger on the YTD VWAP; wait for a further decline before jumping into this one.

UYM is my hyper inflation play that should do well. I've got an alert set to trigger on the 180MA. This is a leveraged ETF, so as always commons are enough for me. I can't say this is a long term hold for me, but more of a swing.

COST is doing extremally well, much better than most other big box retail. If it ever touched the 50MA again, I'll buy it.

GS barely missed a trigger today on the 180ma. The stock tends to perform well this time of year and in January. I like this one as well as other bank stocks right now.

I can't seem to ever get a good entry on TGT, but I'll keep trying. This time I'll wait for a further move down to buy calls.

I really like what DG has been doing last few years and DG tends to have its best month of the year in April. I'm waiting for DG to pull back a bit before jumping into this one. I like mid term calls here.

I personally think this company is going to go tits up. I can't say they are doing anything right anymore, and I think their golden period to really capitalize on hype has past. For me, LMND is a short sale from the 50MA.

ETSY is looking like it is at support, plus seasonality picks up in the first two months of the year. The alert didn't trigger yet, but it might tomorrow.



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