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Journey to $1 Million, September 3rd, 2021

ll major US indices finished green today, and we have more positions taking profits on. So far for the week I am ahead by 75% of options positions taken are profitable.


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Positions Update:


$EBON -32% (puts) - Started falling today, will DCA tomorrow.

$SCHD +0.63% (commons (Place holder))



$SOXL +20% (Commons)

$AMZN +30% (Calls)

$TTWO +25% (Calls)

$TGT -21% (Calls) - Cut for a loss as TGT can't find support.

$HD +35% (Calls) - Closed for profit.

$AI +30% (puts) - Already closed and took profit.

The EBON position is the only one still sour for me. It seems like it is starting to fall, so I will continue to hold and probably DCA tomorrow. All it takes is one red day, or BTC to drop 5% (normal) and EBON puts will print.

I had to cut Target as it can't find a bottom. I'll probably wait until October to re-evaluate that one. It has been a thorn in my side the last couple weeks.

I got into the AI position and was able to close it out already for +30% profit intra day. The underlying was down 10% so it wasn't all that hard.

I closed out HD for +35% because it was a short term position and I tend to take profits very quickly, especially in September.

I'll be going into a Friday with a sour EBON, which is ok, and a safe SCHD. Let's see what tomorrow brings.



Sill waiting for DIS to fall back to the floor before getting into a position. Even tough only a few alerts are firing these weeks, September and October will bring more when the markets pull back.

TXN alert set for the 180MA. We should get a trigger next week at some point.

The SQ alert I had changed to the 50MA instead of the 180. SQ is better than PYPL, but I don't really like both to be honest. There is a lot of room for improvement, which I think will come with time.


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