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Journey to $1 Million, September 10, 2021

Two alerts went off today in the Discord VIP. Markets went from bad, to good, and back to bad. It was a very choppy day, and I always think it is best to avoid trading on day like this. Headlines keep reading Covid, Covid, Covid fears linger after 3 day rout, 4 day of losses etc. However, I do doubt that Covid is the real factor of why we have pulled back. The markets have literally come off of all time highs, first of all, and that is not strange for things to cool off after going on a hot run. Secondly, this is the season where investors historically take profits and transition into seasonal stocks and sectors.


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Positions Update:


$EBON +1% (puts)





$ROKU -2% (Cut)

EBON was pretty flat today and the option decayed a little bit. I've got a stop loss set so it doesn't really matter what happens. I'll continue to hold hoping it gets more profitable.

AI and SQ triggered but at closing bell.


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AI got a late confirmation candle today from Trend Spider. It topped out at the 50MA for the day, spot on, and started pulling back. I'll be looking to see if it continues dipping tomorrow or not. It is Friday so I'll not be going very big, but I do believe this should be easy money.

SQ is a perfect example of why Trend Spider is amazing. I had the alert set for the 50MA and it blew through it. Since I set the alert on a day candle confirmation, I can review overnight. I've decided to lower the alert to the 180MA now. There is also a volume shelf there, and I think it is a better buying point.

I am hoping DAL can drop and reach the lower support trend line. It could already be at a glass bottom along the volume shelf that it is currently at. This one, and other airline stocks, are not that appealing to me, but there is always a price where I am a buyer. DAL typically does well going into the winter months.

JPM's 180MA is coming up, and fast. It looks as if it is converging along with the YTD VWAP and a big volume shelf. Of course, this is exactly where I like to buy options at. Three indicators meting together at one point. If you find anymore of these perfect storms, let me know in the Discord!


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