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Journey to $1 Million, October 8th, 2021

It looks as if we have caught a nice bounce on major supports for many of our alerts. Five alerts triggered today, and two yesterday which we will go over today. All positions we are in so far are profiting! Join the discord so you don't miss out.

Futures are looking decent late Thursday night, and now is a good time to dig into some positions for this winter. I expect, based on seasonality, that the markets will run hot up until mid to late November, and then cool off in December or January.

For example, HD's best month is November over the last 10 years. Therefore a theoretical strategy would be opening positions now that we are consolidating on the lower moving averages, and take profit in November, before a Christmas selloff.


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Positions Update:

HD Calls +70% (Closed)

SBUX Calls +15%

MCB Puts +20%

XHB Calls +9%

CRM Puts +6.7%

End of Day



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In case you missed it, the HD calls are printing right now, and I have already taken profit. It might be a little late for entry, however if HD keeps running hot into November you can take your chances.

SBUX also had a nice bounce of my temporary glass bottom. I'm up 15% so far and will be cutting at net 0% if the underlying starts falling back down. Breaking out of the $239M volume shelf will be key for this one.

MCB is trickier because of lack of volume on options. However, there is enough for the weeklies which I've picked up at around $1. MCB is still far removed from even the 20MA and I think we will see a move downward soon.

I've picked up some XHB LEAPS and they are doing very well first day. We still have plenty of time to get into this position and I will DCA if we see another move toward the 180MA.

CRM bounced beautifully and precisely where I thought it would, right around $280 for the underlying. The position is up a little bit and I'll keep holding it for now.

DIS and UDOW also triggered, however they gapped up so much that I'm not sure if the timing is still right. I'll be watching DIS at open tomorrow to see what's going on. If there is a move back toward the glass bottom, I might set another alert for it in order to catch a bounce with shorter confirmation on Trend Spider.

I don't want to add more alerts for this week. Tomorrow we might see some profit taking, and I already have enough options positions to manage going through the weekend. Let me know any questions that pop up!

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