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Journey to $1 Million, October 13th, 2021

The alerts that went off today are a perfect representation of what I like to do during dips. Don't fret; we dip like this a few times per year. If you are considering giving up on the stock market - don't.

It was the third straight day that the major indices went down. Inflation fears and rising commodity prices are what's, allegedly, causing this.

"We're definitely freaked out about crude oil prices ... [and] about slightly higher interest rates," David Bailin, Citi Private Bank chief investment officer.

The 10 years bond yield is 1.58% currently, which is back to its June levels.


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V is right around support at the 180 MA and YTD VWAP, and the seasonality shows us that it gets even hotter in the winter months. The alerts triggered for January $230 calls, which I'd probably take profit on in December.

SOXL also triggered for a dollar cost averaging opportunity on commons. It is down from all time highs, and on the 4th it bounced on this bottom ($37). Eventually this one will go back to $45-$50; it is just a matter of time. SOXL moves violently, we could be 2 weeks out from another all time high.

XHB triggered, which is a home builders ETF. Over the past 10 years, it is up 100% of the time in November. I think this is a no brainer for LEAPS or commons. You can also try EOY calls, taking profits in November.


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Options Positions


V -3.7%


HD +40%


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Bitcoin mining project is still open for investors. Check out the basic info here.

I am working on another project crypto related and will be announcing it in a month or so. Keep following on Twitter and the Discord for major updates. I might need your help on this one.


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