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Journey to $1 Million, November 9th, 2021

Today was the first day in a long while where Nasdaq finished down. Growth performed the best today as well as semiconductors like my favorite, SOXL. AMD rose 10% today after announcement that they have struck a deal with Meta, formerly known as Facebook.

"The chip giant said its EPYC chips were selected by Meta (formerly known as Facebook) to help power its data centers at its virtual Accelerated Data Center Premiere event Monday. AMD explained the two companies worked together to develop a high-performance, power-efficient processor based on the company's 3rd Generation EPYC processor."

Tesla finished down more than 5% after Elon's Twitter poll to sell 10% of all his TSLA shares. It is not surprising, although TSLA tends to be very unpredictable. I had an alert set for puts at around $1230, but looks like I didn't get a trigger unfortunately. I'll consider more about plays on this stock going forward.




EBON -18% - Will consider DCA tomorrow.

AMZN +12%


SBUX +90%

ZIM +0%

Remember, if you want to know my exact entries you will need to join our VIP Discord. This helps to support me with ongoing costs of my website, the Discord, Zoom and other small things that help the community grow.



AMZN resisting at the glass top as thought from yesterday's blog. Seasonality is horrible going into December, so this might be the time to pick up puts and take profit mid to late December. My puts are up around 12% and costing me almost $10k per contract, so it is a risky position in term of position sizing is large. Assess your own risk tolerance, and buy put spreads if you want to reduce exposure.

EBON making it in my blogs again.. The stock popped today, and I'm down 18% now. I can DCA and cut it in half or more, however expiration is coming up soon, so we need to watch this. Luckily these puts have always been very cheap.

WeBull is giving away 4 FREE STOCKS if you sign up and deposit your first $100. That could be a 40% ROI on your money and it is totally free to do so. I highly recommend WeBull as a broker as they have all you need for basic technical analysis, news feed, analysts, price targets, financials, etc. Check them out by using my link to help support all of my free content that I put out daily.



CRO has made it to all time highs again; more than $0.42. They released their CRONOS smart chain today and the coin pumped on the good news.

Of course I am a huge CRO bull if you haven't noticed yet. I'm not trying to sell you a product, although if you do sign up we both get $25 in CRO. Choose to get in it or not yourself. Since I'm in CRO has almost tripled.

Here is a chart on BNB,'s native utility token. When Binance launched their smart chain (BSC) 18 months ago, BNB started a massive bull run. The coin BNB is used for gas on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In fact, BNB jumped into the 3rd biggest market cap seat, rising 4100%+ in that year and a half.

If CRO does something similar, which I believe it will, we are looking at a $10+ CRO, possibly up to $17. No if I go around saying CRO will be a 41X play up to $17, I'll sound crazy, like in 2015 I started saying BTC will hit $100k (don't seem so crazy anymore). Chart will look something like this below.

Yet, I feel confident about this play. Crypto dot com does excellent marketing (UFC, NBA, F1) and they actually offer products that customer want, unlike binance. In short, I staked $40000 in CRO to get a metal visa that gives me 5% off my life plus other nice perks. I'm earning 12%p.a. on the $40000, and now it is worth $110k two months later. My goal by EOY is to upgrade to the black Obsidian CRO card with a $400k stake.


Do you want a Visa Card that gives you up to 8% cash back in Crypto? Free Netflix & Spotify? Also possibly AirBnb & Expedia monthly reimbursements? Earn up to 14.5% on your Crypto HODL portfolio! I do. Check out and get $25 if you sign up for one of their Visa Cards. I will start running all of my daily expenses through this card and I estimate will save around $10,000 per year. (If you don't stake you can still get 1% cash back, and if you stake only $400 it is 2% plus earn 10%p.a. on the $400)


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