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Journey to $1 Million - March 30th, 2021

I do live trading on my Twitter and would like to post the real option trades that I am doing, and what my current watchlist is. Follow along on my journey to $1 million.


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The day is finally here where my long awaited $ARKX is releasing. Now that we know a little more about the new ETF, I'd like to take a deeper dive into it. Here is a list of the current holdings as of 03/26/2021.

Most surprising to me is Ark's 3D printing ETF, $PRNT, is the second largest holding. Now that I know this, I will most likely sell my $PRNT and use the money to buy $ARKX with.

Also surprised to see Netflix, Amazon, Workhorse included. $ARKX is suppose to be comprised of companies that will benefit from space exploration. I'm very interested to hear Cathie's reasoning for included these as well as a few Chinese internet giants such as JD Alibaba and Meituan.

There was a lot of speculation that Tesla would be the top holding in $ARKX since it makes up around 10% of Ark Invest ETF's. Also, Space X is technically under the umbrella of $TSLA. Nevertheless, this is going to be a huge launch and most likely top the $300-400 Million in assets that $BUZZ drew on its opening day.

I fully expect $ARKX to 5X in 2-3 years. As the current space race gets faster and faster, it seems as if SpaceX is launching a rocket every single week. There is no denying that there will be an increased demand for launching orbital vehicles, just by how much in the next 10 years is the question.

There is risk however. As you have learnt from this cycle rotation, the Ark Invest innovation and growth ETFs are almost all down by 30% or more, and I suspect $ARKX to possibly be even more volatile. My thinking is that if the economy goes sour, then anything space related will be thrown out as non necessity. Yes, ARK ETFs dip, and dip hard sometimes, but the conversation that we will be having in 5 years about the newest ARK dip is probably going to be after ARK has gone up 10X.

I will most likely be live streaming at open bell, so please go to the YouTube channel to catch that! I need to move around somethings and free up some capital for buying as much $ARKX as I can afford. This is something I plan to hold indefinitely, or at least for 5 years.


Note: Risk (1 out of 5) is my opinion of how risky the stock and these plays are; 1 being the lowest and 5 is the highest


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