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Journey to $1 Million - March 15th, 2021

I do live trading on my Twitter and would like to post the real option trades that I am doing, and what my current watchlist is. Follow along on my journey to $1 million.


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YouTube Video Commentary: Here


It was a decent day for tech stocks as I expected this dip to be short lived. It seems like the 10 year treasury note is cooling off and giving a boost of confidence to investors to buy more growth. Last Thursday, after a good week, I predicted tech to ease up Friday for the week's close before more buyers came out on Monday. Seems like that was accurate.

I ended up not getting into any new positions, however I had some limit orders placed for options that never got filled. In case you missed it, the $GME put was to close a "Meme Stock of the Week" thing that I was doing on my channel. Basically, I let you guys vote on which meme stock to put $100 on each week.

My portfolio is up 3.66% today, or $22,830. I get asked almost every write up I do, "How much did you start with and when". Maybe I'll start putting that at the end of every post. Every Monday to Friday I post my PNL update, since there is a change; weekends I don't usually. So, in 2011 I started my investing journey with -$500 and without adding money (actually subtracting) I was at $330k in my stock portfolio (webull) by 2020. I might do a special post or video about this, since there seems to be enough interest. Thanks for all the support!!


Adding to the Watchlist:

$EBON: Ebang International Holdings Inc. is a blockchain technology company with strong application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chip design capability. As some of my loyal followers know, I have a lot of experience with crypto mining and specifically with Ebang. I've visited their factory and personally know some of the sales reps. Back in 2016-2017 I was purchasing many of their ASIC miners and using them in some of the mining centers that we established in China. My personal opinion on them is pretty negative. Their hardware is greatly inferior to Bitmain's and they always break and have problems. The hashing power isn't close either. The resell value on the machines is much lower as well; not many people want them because their life span isn't great. Not to mention, their factory was one of the dirtiest places I'd ever seen.

Obviously $BTC is close to all time highs again so this company's revenue is up. However in my opinion, people only buy Ebang's hardware because they can't buy Bitmain's or Innosilicon's.

Because of this and because $EBON is up more than a 100% recently, I think a PUT is interesting. As you can see, I already tried to buy one today, but it didn't get filled. I'll be trying again tomorrow. I'm still going to put this as a risk level 5 because it seems not matter what, crypto stocks are super hot recently. I literally feel like there is no standards what can be publicly traded on the NYSE anymore.

  • Target Price: $6.50

  • Entry: >$11

  • Risk: 5

  • Timeframe: 2-3 months


$DRIV/$IDRV: Two electric vehicle and autonomous driving ETFs that I would like to add to my watchlist. I already have a very large position on EVs and I don't need anymore. But, if you are considering getting positions in EVs while they are down, consider these two. Overall, I find that ETFs' diversity makes them more safe. If we look at the day chart, these two ETFs didn't get beat down as bad as $TSLA or $XPEV (going to test drive this week) did during this dip. Both have already gotten past the 50 day MA again and tested it as a support. Living in China, the world's largest EV market, has really opened my eyes to how fast this will grow and how much of a big deal it is. I think there are a lot of North Americans that still haven't realized this.

It is hard to put a price target on these because they consist of so many different companies. However, I'd recommend start dollar cost averaging into these lovely ETFs while they are teasing the 50MA. I think once they Super Trend flips green, its off off and away.


$IRM: Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM), founded in 1951, is the global leader for storage and information management services. Iron Mountain stores and protects billions of valued assets, including critical business information, highly sensitive data, and cultural and historical artifacts. Providing solutions that include secure records storage, information management, digital transformation, secure destruction, as well as data centers, cloud services and art storage and logistics.

As of recent, $IRM has shifted more towards storing and protecting sensitive data (cloud). As we progress into a more technological world and society, this will be more sought after and $IRM is positioning itself to dominate this space. I'm interested in a short term call or vertical spread on $IRM. I think the risk to reward ratio makes a lot of sense at 32DTE for $40; or the $37.5/$45 vert spread. Because of the short expiration date, I give this a risk of 4; if you want to hold shares (6.67% div yield), this would be less risk up to around $47.

  • Target Price: $40

  • Entry: $36

  • Risk: 4

  • Timeframe: 1-2 months


Note: Risk (1 out of 5) is my opinion of how risky the stock and these plays are; 1 being the lowest and 5 is the highest.


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