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Journey to $1 Million, June 29th, 2021

It was a record setting day for the S&P and the Nasdaq. My portfolio finished up 2.5% today, but futures probably will pull back tomorrow and cool off; I'd say that is ok.


Make sure to join the Discord for free alerts! I have put a lot of work into making a great community and setting up the alerts from Trend Spider to automatically go off when one of my own trading alerts are triggered.



Alert triggered: MS Bounce on Support; $95 monthly call on MS, bounce, Got in this one when it fired in the Discord, dropped at first but in the after hours the price was up more than 2%. We will have to wait for tomorrow to see how it is doing overnight, and if I will close or keep it.


Stock Options & Investing 101 - Starting July 11th 9am EST - 3 Weeks- Around 45-60 minutes - $90/person ​

· July 11th at 9am EST - How to Allocate Cash in a Portfolio, LEAPS

· July 18th at 9am EST - Advantage of Using Option Spreads

· July 25th at 9am EST - Running the Wheel Strategy


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"The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient." -- Warren Buffett. ​

“In reality, no one knows what the market will do; trying to predict it is a waste of time, and investing based upon that prediction is a speculative undertaking.” -- Seth Klarman


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