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Journey to $1 Million, June 23rd, 2021

Good ol' Jerome Powel! Looks like he finally wants to calm the street's nerves.

“Powell reiterated his view that the recent jump in inflation would prove transitory. While such comments seem to have soothed concerns over the Fed’s hawkish tilt, the question is for how long?” said Lukman Otunuga, senior research analyst at FXTM, in a note. “Given how markets remain highly sensitive to comments from Fed officials and inflation expectations, the next few days promise to be quite eventful for markets with numerous Fed speakers on the roster.”

My portfolio did well and for the week I'm up almost 5%. Of course this is including options, commons and long term holds.


Make sure to join the Discord for free alerts! I have put a lot of work into making a great community and setting up the alerts from Trend Spider to automatically go off when one of my own trading alerts are triggered.



$ROKU Call +30%

$NAIL Commons -6.5% (ong)

$GPS Commons +4.85% (ong)

$V Call +5% (ong)

$BABA Call -2% (ong)

REMEMBER: Make sure to take profits! Its better to take a little off the table then none!


I didn't close or open any new trades today. My $NAIL and $GPS swings have grown in value today and I will keep holding on to them.

The $V and $BABA options are still sitting quietly and I'll be waiting for some more direction.



Alert triggered: SHOP Weekly Put; go small on SHOP, bounce. My Shopify alert went off today after it has been running up for a good week now. This one will be risky if tech continues to pump now after the comments from the Fed, it likely will. However, SHOP is overbought and there is a chance it cools off. If I go into this one it will be a small position and will be looking to take profits within the day most likely.


Waiting for set ups to trigger on the following before entering options:











"The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient." -- Warren Buffett.




Like SHOP, PYPL is making a run for it and coming up to a resistance where it has rejected 4 out of 5 times in the last almost 1 year. This could be an opportunity for investors to take profits and regroup before PYPL making a bigger bull run. I'm thinking of waiting until we get to the trend, and go in with small weekly puts.


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