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Journey to $1 Million - June 11th, 2021

Overall a great day for the markets and alerts in the Discord. We had four alerts go off after confirmation candles. Markets are looking pretty strong and shrugging off weak data and inflation fears for the most part.


Successful Alerts:

Alert triggered: SOXX $455c 4/5months out. on SOXX, bounce Once again the SOXX bounced on the same support and continued its rebound toward all time highs. I will be riding this one up to $455 and/or beyond. Of course I'll be taking profits along the way. Overall semiconductors are bullish for me. Especially with the government making a point to invest more money into this sector domestically.

Alert triggered: OKTA Breakthrough; $235c Monthly on OKTA, breakthrough OKTA has broke through its lower resistance. Tomorrow we will see if it tests it again, or moves past the big volume shelf. I will be playing this up to the cross of the 50/180MA. The LSO also gaining momentum.


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The housing/real estate stocks are getting hammered the last couple of days, so I've modified my NAIL and TRV alert.


I'm bullish on TRV mid term, however it has slipped past the 50 day MA which is a pretty big deal since it has regularly stayed above it. Although the one time it did fall, after two day candles we were back above this key support. My plan is to wait for lower support and a confirmation bounce candle. Once that happens, I can see myself riding calls up to $160/$165.

NAIL on the other hand is looking very weak. It is a leveraged ETF and can be volatile. I'm happy that I took profit a few days ago on the options and just have commons right now. I'm ok to wait this one out. There is a lot more volume around the 180MA and I think we might be headed that way.


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$FB Put +35%

$SOXX Call +40%

$NAIL Call +24%

$TTWO Call +30%

$GPS Call +20%

$XLK Call +8% (ongoing)

$SOXX Call +12% (ongoing)

Make sure you join the Discord to get the alert notifications in real time.


Waiting for set ups to trigger on the following before entering options:















"The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient." -- Warren Buffett.


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