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Journey to $1 Million - June 10th, 2021

I've had a lot of Discord Alerts go off and would like to review all of them in today's blog. It was to choppy of a day as the markets lost steam toward the end of the day.

Successful Picks:

Alert triggered: TTWO $180-$200c on TTWO, touch; Closed +30%. I've set another alert if the price falls back to support.

Alert triggered: NAIL Dated calls around $100 or Commons work here. on NAIL, touch. This alert triggered on the 6th and my position was up 24%. Since then NAIL is back down to support and another alert will trigger once we have another bounce. I'm bullish through the 50 day MA or up to the $100 level.

Alert triggered: SOXX monthly $435c; bounce at support. on SOXX, bounce. Closed at +40% profit. The heat map indicator on Trend Spider is strong around $440. I'm looking for another entry now around the same support and do this again. Another alert should trigger soon. Watch the support to see if it holds and then I like calls around $455 a quarter or two out.

Alert triggered: GPS Bounce On Support; $35/$40c expiring after summer; on GPS, bounce. Picked up a quick profit of +20% on GPS calls, but I still like this stock until after the summer around the $40 mark. As it is riding this support, I think that it is still fine to pick up more.


25% OFF Trend Spider - I would like to thank Trend Spider for the awesome charting tools. It is one of the best technical analysis tools out there. Everything is automated for you if you are not so good at TA or don't have the time for it. Highly recommended to check them out. TRENDSPIDER. Use code PS25 for 25% off!


FB put from last week is paying now.

If you remember my FB put from last week, it is finally at the 50 MA. Congrats to anyone that held those until now as they are finally paying. That resistance looks pretty strong and it helped that tech hasn't done all that well this week. Maybe thanks to Zuckerberg for selling his FB stock.


New Alerts:

DOCU is looking set to consolidate back to the 180MA after a good bounce from earnings report a few days ago. Overall it is hard to find an analyst that doesn't have a 'buy' rating for DocuSign and from the looks of it DOCU has historically performed very well in the summer months. Once this does bounce on the MA support, I'll pick up some calls up to resistance again. If you are brave, you can ride puts down to support.

DIA The Dow Jones ETF is struggling the past week as tech and the Nasdaq are performing slightly better. If this continues I'll buy calls on the 50 day MA as there is a massive volume shelf that will provide extra support. Overall DIA is bullish going into the summer, however investors still have worries about inflation. If you are waiting for a bigger crash, I believe you are missing out on current opportunities.

QQQ More of the same for the Nasdaq ETF, QQQ. Overall, bullish going into the summer and QQQ is outperforming other indices for the past couple of weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if we are setting all time highs in a week or two. Bounce off of the 50MA, and I like dated calls or Vertical spreads up to $345.

RBLX Every analyst has a 'buy' rating for Roblox, although I believe it will first move back closer to the 50 day MA before making a push again through the summer. The summer time should be some of the best months for video gaming.



Discord Alerts FAQ :

Sometimes I'll put the exact option contract sometimes just general Monthly/Weekly. I can't know how long it will take for the price to trigger my alert and if it takes a week it could be a much shorter time until expiration therefore greatly affecting my decision making.

Sometimes I'll put specific options with exp date and strike, sometimes one or the other. But considering I don't know when the alerts will fire so the time-frame will greatly affect the decision making. For example, if I wanted a 2 weeks to exp contract but it took a week to fire because the price traded sideways, then its a weekly play which is volatile and maybe I wouldn't do that.

So if I just put in "Monthly" then whenever the alert hits, I'll be buying monthly from that point in time. Usually I'll include strike.

The alerts are meant for insight into what trades I'm considering and doing based on my technical and fundamental analysis. It is best used if you modify the alerts to fit your own strategy.

Also remember I won't be posting when I close positions. This always depends on the individuals risk tolerance. I usually do 25/50/100%

Any Questions please DM me or use the VIP Chat.


If you are a member of Trend Spider and you used my DISCOUNT LINK and CODE, send me a PM and I have a special role for you on DISCORD.

PS25 for 25% off.


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Disclaimer: The comments opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purpose only and should not be considered as individual advice or recommendations. is not responsible or liable in any way for opinions expressed here. This is not meant to be financial advice as we are not a licensed financial advisor.

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