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Journey to $1 Million, July 23, 2021

Not a very action packed day as only one alert triggered today, and I closed out my $DIS call for a solid +25%. This week has been surprisingly good, even though jobless claims were surprisingly bad. My portfolio is up 5.6%, or $41k+, for the week so far. I really appreciate all of my followers that tune in everyday and join me on this journey.

I'll be trying to take profit on Friday on as many positions as I can. I am still encouraging small position sizing and quick profits, if possible. Identify supports and only buy there. I still believe a pull back is on the horizon.



$NAIL +1.1% (Shares)

$COIN -6.3% (Shares)

$TASK +6.7% (Shares)


$SOXL +7% (Shares)

$SQ +25% (LEAPS)

$PYPL +2% (Puts)

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Alerts That Triggered

$PYPL alert triggered for a put. It bounced right on the support as I though and sold off a little. My position is up only a little, and I'll be watching it carefully tomorrow as it consolidates closer to the 20/50MA.


Alerts Adjusted

I really like Caterpillar Inc. $CAT finally has pulled all the way back to the 180MA, and looks like it is wanting to break out. I like longer term calls here, maybe even LEAPS. Keep in mind this company has a large Oil position. I'm waiting for a confirmation, which is likely to come tomorrow of a breakthrough on the 180 before entering.

Don't try to force any positions and be patient! Remember the Stock market is a tool to transfer wealth from the impatient to the patient. Summer cooldown is approaching.


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