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Journey to $1 Million, July 21, 2021

All of my alerts from this week are doing excellent and almost all positions are green. No alerts fired today, however anticipating getting into more before the close of this week. Markets all finished up today, and my SOXL swing (from the alerts) was up 10%. More so, I see a lot of people in the Discord and on Twitter making good and solid profits as of late.


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Positions Ongoing

$NAIL +2.6% (Shares)

$COIN -4.3% (Shares)

$TASK +6.9% (Shares)

$DIS +19% (Calls)

$SOXL +9% (Swing Shares)

$SQ +21% (Calls)

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New and Adjusted Alerts Added

I've added an alert for $FB, Facebook, that should trigger somewhere around the 50 MA. Obviously, as you can see, most analysts are bullish on this stock, and over the past 5 years, the month of August has been 75% green; not September though. Typically $FB and other tech/growth will sell of in late August and September, transitioning portfolio over to other stocks that do well during the holiday season. If we can get a bounce, I like calls up to $350 here.

Next, I've adjusted another DCA opportunity on $SOXL when it approaches the 180MA again. I've always done well with this 3X leveraged ETF and if you are not already long term holding it, this can provide an chance to swing trade it. Options are also a possibility. I think a $45 price target over the next month is realistic.

Last is another one that usually doesn't fail me, $MS. I see a lot of members of the Discord getting upwards of 200%+ on the last MS call. I wonder if Morgan Stanley ever puts out research and PT's on $MS? You know the drill on this one, wait for it to consolidate towards its strong support and buy calls a month or two out.

No other major updates on my part. A lot on my watchlist are at high, overbought points, and we are still coming closer to the summer cool down. I'd recommend getting ready to take profits, and don't get into big positions now.


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