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Journey to $1 Million - February 11th, 2021

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

I do live trading on my Twitter and would like to post the real option trades that I am doing, and what my current watchlist is. Follow along on my journey to $1 million. 1-on-1 Private Coaching via Zoom is now available. Whether it is portfolio building and review, formulating a personalized options strategy, or the basics of how to trade - I'll make your portfolio relevant. Email me here or DM me via social media.


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Due to the high volume of questions that I am getting, I will be prioritizing answering all questions in the VIP section of this server.


Today was a great day for my portfolio thanks to SOXL being up 10.5%. This is one of the ones that goes up and down hard, usually more up. If you aren't aware its a 3x semiconductor ETF.

  • SPY: +0.15%

  • QQQ: +0.58%

  • DIA: +0.15%

Notable Recent Picks:

  • $MVIS +30%

  • $SPCE +13.4%

  • $MU +5.4%


My portfolio is up 4%, or $29,000. I'm getting closer to the $1 million.

Positions filled:

Positions Cancelled:

Current Open and Closed Options:


Adding to Watchlist:

$ZOM: Zomedica Corp is a development stage veterinary diagnostic and pharmaceutical company. The company's first product - TRUFORMA - is an innovative diagnostic tool that is scheduled for commercial launch on March 31, 2021. $ZOM has garnered a decent amount of attention lately, and I get a lot of people asking me about it. There is not much TA I can perform on this one as it is up to much to make sense of anything. If it pulls back to more interesting buying levels, I might take a positions in it. Alternatively, I'd suggest dollar cost averaging into this starting at $2 and down to $1.5 as there are two gaps to be filled. I wouldn't force this one, although high risk is high reward.

  • Target Price: $4

  • Entry: <$2

  • Risk: 4

  • Timeframe: 1-2 months


Notable Mentions:

$LAC: Lithium Americas Corp is a lithium mining company that has a mine in NW Nevada. Considering there is most likely going to be a shortage of batteries since the Administration has barred South Korean giant SK Innovation from importing batteries. This might be lifted, however there is no reason to assume that domestic production of batteries will slow down. Biden has made a push to EVs a cornerstone of his term so far. I had put this on my watchlist a couple weeks ago, but today I picked up some calls.

  • Target Price: $30

  • Entry: <$21

  • Risk: 3

  • Timeframe: 2-4 months

$SOLO: This Canadian EV maker is down to $8. I like selling covered calls with this one.

$THCX: This Cannabis ETF is down 20% today, and could provide a good opportunity to start dollar cost averaging into a position.

$DKNG: Draftkings is in my buy zone currently. Check out my other write ups for more info.


Note: Risk (1 out of 5) is my opinion of how risky the stock and these plays are; 1 being the lowest and 5 is the highest.


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