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Journey to $1 Million, August 4th, 2021

We had a nice green day today across the major US indices with large value stocks leading the way. Two alerts went off today for $MA and $TSM late in the day, plus I picked up some $BTI from yesterday's alert.

My account passed $800k today for the first time, but I withdrew $20k to buy a Tesla Model Y. I figure its worth it considering how much Tesla stock has helped me pay for the car. I'm fine with taking a little longer to reach my $1 million goal.

Another thing is that I have updated my website, so you should browse around and check out all the new features and functions. More on a new BTC mining project to come..


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Positions this Week

$COIN -2.7% (Shares)

$CAT +7% (Calls)

$LOGI -13% (Calls) - Might double down here, this one takes patience.

$ABNB -12% (Puts) - Holding one more day to see if we can get some movement.


$BTI +12% (Calls; Leaps)

$MA +1.7% (Calls)

$TSM will look into this one tomorrow as it triggered at close.


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$MA, Mastercard has undergone intense selling off the last two days. I had the alert set on the 180MA, and sure enough we got a bounce today. The contract that I bought is up more than a percent so far and will be looking for potential further upward movement tomorrow.

$TSM, Taiwan Semiconductor, broke through the 50MA today and my alert triggered. If the stock price can break through the large volume shelf above $120, there should be further upside. TSM's seasonality chart from Trend Spider shows that the stock is going into favorable months. I think this is a good position to be in, not to mention a long base was formed.


Alerts Adjusted

$CVX alert adjusted from lower support up to 180MA. I'd like to get a short term call going here before a bigger position at the lower support.


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