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Journey to $1 Million, August 20th, 2021

It was a weird day in the markets today. Everything started very red but the Nasdaq and S&P managed to end green. Some of the big name companies were at all time highs again today, like MSFT. NFLX was up more than 5% at one point. It is suffice to say that these giants were propping up the indices.

Many, many companies are still down 40-60% YTD, while FANG and others chug along. This is just another example of why indexing works in todays stock market.


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Positions Update



$AMZN (Still watching)

$EMKR (hold off)

$TTWO (Hold off)

$SOXL (Late Trigger)

$TGT (Late Trigger)

$FB (Late Trigger)


$BTI +13%

$F -25%

$MS +37%

$MA +7.9%

$CVX -30%

$TSLA +25%

$NVDA +25%

$NIO -7%


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I've managed to get out of all open positions, a first in a long time. For this week I'm at 62.5% win ratio, and I am taking it as a win in this choppy week.

Today three alerts triggered, all late in the day.

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