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Journey to $1 Million - April 30th, 2021

I do live trading on my Twitter and would like to post the real option trades that I am doing, and what my current watchlist is. Follow along on my journey to $1 million.

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** YouTube Commentary** : Here


Trades From This Week So Far:


$BTC 9%

$GEVO 4%

$ARKG 1%

Closed Options: (100%)

$NIO $2>$2.80

$PYPL $3.50>$5.00

$AMD $3> $3.55

Open Options:

$DOCU $3.15>$0.9

$COIN $11.50>$11.85


Only one more day left of April. Overall, it wasn't a bad month. My portfolio came all the way out of then dip to where we started in late February, and this week still relatively flat. Earnings weeks are usually rough, especially if you throw in a Fed speech.

It was a light week for my short term options trades, with only 3 positions closed out so far. The two that remain open are the DOCU and the COIN. Docusign got crushed by more than 3% yesterday and it absolutely destroyed the option. The contract still has 8 days until expiration, so I will probably just keep it and see if I can squeeze value out of it at this point. It was a small position for me and I'm only down $225 right now.

My portfolio was only down 0.5% yesterday.


Short Term Options to Consider: (remember follow on Twitter for actual trades I do)

COIN 5/14 $302.5c at $11.50 or less:

COIN on the other hand is going well; it is up more than 3% from Thursday's session. This is basically a wager that BTC will increase in value before May 14th.

F 6/4 $12c at $0.30 or less:

Ford got hammered yesterday as earnings came out below expectations. The chip shortage is really impacting the American auto giant. 2 days ago F was trading for more than $12. These premiums are pretty cheap and I do believe this was an overreaction since we already knew Ford is affected by the lack of chips.

NKE 6/16 $135c at $5 or less:

NIKE has gotten beat down so much, in fact all the way to the 180MA on the day chart, and it has bounced off that support. The XINJIANG cotton and Chinese sales seems to have had somewhat of an impact. I feel like this is undervalued and could make a run to $145 or so.


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