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Journey to $1 Million - April 15th, 2021

I do live trading on my Twitter and would like to post the real option trades that I am doing, and what my current watchlist is. Follow along on my journey to $1 million.


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  • SPY: -0.34%

  • QQQ: -0.99%

  • DIA: +0.22%

Options This Week:

$DOCU $3.40>$9.00

$HD $2.90>$4.00

$TSLA $7.90>$37.00

$QQQ $2.10>$2.70

$ZS $4.50>$6.55

$GS $4.50>$6.50


A very choppy day, yesterday was indeed. I see a lot of traders, even some 'very experienced' ones having a lot of fear uncertainty and doubt. I don't really understand that because two days ago the Nasdaq was up more than a percent and today it is down only a percent. Maybe, they have a lot of sour call options that are decaying in this choppy market. Overall, my portfolio is down 2.5% Wednesday, but it is only down 1.6% for this week with 2 more trading days left.

Tech and semis fell Wednesday, while energy and financials led the way. Similar to what was happening all through March, yet this time the 10 year is still trading flat around 1.638%. I personally think that is a very healthy rate for now.

I didn't get a chance to get into the options that I wrote about yesterday because the markets were to choppy awaiting the Powell speech. Although, I did get in and out of a $GS, Goldman Sachs, call option for around +30% profit. Sometimes we have to take what the market gives us, and yesterday is a good example of that. Financials were up, so I played it off of the earnings of $GS. Make sure to follow on Twitter for the live trades that I post; short term options tend to change very fast.


Coinbase listed yesterday for around $380 and very quickly ran up to $429 before bleeding off for the entire day. I think around the current levels, this makes a good buy for exposure to the crypto sector. There is a lot of upside to COIN if you are bullish on the crypto industry, which I assume most people are at this point. COIN will be the crypto stock that hedge funds add to their portfolios, and Coinbase is a popular and proven product. The mining stocks are only good if BTC is up, but COIN should do well no matter. Until Binance or Bitmain are public, I like COIN.


Short Term Options to Consider: (remember follow on Twitter for actual trades I'm doing)

$NIO 5/21 40c at $2.20 - Just bounced off of very strong support, Still on the 180 MA on day chart, and this call is getting cheaper and cheaper. I think the risk/reward is pretty good on this one.

$DOCU 4/23 $230 at $3.60- I wouldn't go very big on this one, but I believe there is still a little room to run in the short term for $DOCU. Consider taking profits if underlying is at $233.

Remember options short term options are very risky. Only trade them if you can afford to lose the money. Always lock your profits in, and cut losses if it is down more than 50%. It is only your responsibility to manage your money.


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