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Analysis Write UP January 19, 2021

I do live trading on my Twitter and would like to post the real option trades that I am doing, and what my current watchlist is. Follow along on my journey.

I am going through a period of raising capital and divesting from my stock option positions. Currently my goal this week is to liquidate most, or all, options and start buying commons in batches of 100 shares, in order to sell covered calls next week.

Unfortunately Webull needs its users to not have any open orders or options positions when applying for margin. I'll be reopening the same positions later most likely. Feel free to keep them and start taking laddered profits 25%+.

Nevertheless, I closed $LI, $PLTR, $NNDM, $ARKK, $ARKG yesterday all in the green for a small profit.


Current Positions

$AMD - Of my positions right now, this is the one underperforming the most. Eventually $AMD will hit $100, and we have until April for that to happen. This one is not urgent. Although considering how much $SMH, $SOXX and $SOXL went up yesterday, I'm a little surprised $AMD is dragging its feet.

$IPOD and $ICLN - Both of these positions improved today. Let's see if tomorrow we can turn a profit. The fundamentals are still pointing towards a huge upward swing and the technical's are showing a good buying opportunity.

$PFE - Pfizer didn't move yesterday; completely flat. I still believe this is a good buying opportunity since more and more people will be taking the vaccine. I'd get into a long term option or buy commons if you have the capital available. 4h chart shows it is holding at the support line I drew on the last report here.



$ERX - You probably have figured out by now that I am bullish on clean energy. This is a great tool to get exposure to the clean energy sector. $ERX is a clean energy ETF advised by Direxion Funds. This is a 2x exposure. What that means is you will get a leveraged positions without using leverage. 2x the exposure as you normal would as with $ICLN. My take on this is clean energy will go up in 2021, possibly by a lot. Getting back into the Paris Accord is right around the corner, and the new administration is not very friendly toward non-renewable and non-clean energy. $ERX is currently in a nice upwards trend. I'm buying commons or LEAPS in the rectangle below ~$17.

Price target would be $24-$26, pending on how long you want to hold this. Be careful with the decay on leveraged ETFs. They need to go up more than what they go down, if prices drop.

$LMND - Lemonade is a peer to peer property and casualty insurance company that is popular with millennials. They have an easy to use app, and one can get covered and submit a claim in only minutes. They make insurance easy. I believe this is the future of insurance, and it is not the first time I've come across something like this. On the chart below we can see that $LMND is currently pulled back to the middle Bollinger band, but still in an uptrend overall. I'll be watching this the next few days or weeks to see which way it wants to go.

$LAC - Lithium Americas Corp is a resource company that focuses on mining Lithium. With the growing demand for EV and Lithium batteries, you must see where I'm going with this one. I've been eyeing this for a while, and it is up 30% today. I foresee this pulling back more before continuing its climb. Buying price target is $22.50 and I'd buy LEAPS or commons to sell covered calls with.

If you don't mind capital tied up, sell a put around this buy target and run the wheel strategy.


I hope you guys appreciate this. I love anything investing related; its my passion.

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