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A Few Alerts From Last Week

Last week was Thanksgiving and a shortened week. The new Omicron strain is officially wreaking havoc on global markets. I think this will probably be the catalyst that sets off the yearly winter dip. At the time of writing futures are up a decent amount.

However, we need to see how it plays out over the night. I do believe things like this are always overexaggerated and I think the world is tired of hearing about Covid. The EU and US have stopped accepting flights from Southern Africa, and I'm curious how much more we are going to hear about it. Even China is starting to worry again (every month) and check much harder.


Alerts from Last Week

We had a nice little bounce off of the 50MA on SNOW. Great suggestion in the PS Meet Up. I think this one continues to move upwards early next week, especially if the markets do in general.

Second we had UPST pop off. Hopefully you had time to get into these positions and if not, this one is still hovering close to entry on the 180MA. I'm waiting for a bigger push to $225.

Last and most risky is DIDI, the Chinese Uber. This one actually bumped off of the potential glass bottom that we had set, however there is some bad news coming out of China from the CCP. The big boss threatened Didi and told them to delist from the NYSE. Seems like this caused DIDI to gap down to our alert and run up a little. It is a win for us, but still risky to keep holding.

Remember, if you want to know my exact entries you will need to join our VIP Discord. This helps to support me with ongoing costs of my website, the Discord, Zoom and other small things that help the community grow. I'll most likely be ending new entries into our VIP community at the end of the year as to keep our group small and more tight knit. Or, maybe I'll cap members at a certain number. Either way don't wait around on it.


Elfin Kingdom Pre-Sale

Another thing not to wait around on is joining Inner Circle NFT so you are able to get whitelist to buy their native tokens. Elfin Kingdom is a new GameFi game that is launching soon.

There are only 2 Inner Circle NFTs left before price goes up another 10%. Every 5 that sell, the prices is up.

Pro Stock Meet Up


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