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13 New Alerts to Start 2022 + PSA Updates

Happy New Years to everyone. I am excited to be back and trading. There are some thigs that have changed in our community which I will briefly outline. Email or DM me with more questions.

  1. The VIP membership has increased in price and there is no longer the Quarterly subscription. You won't be affected if you are already a member. I already have more than 40 members, and I want to keep this smaller and more personal.

  2. 1 on 1's have increased as well as I shift more focus toward my investment pools and crypto venture capital. Focus will not be taken away from alerts and stock trading.

  3. Crypto Investment Pools are now available for all of my Inner Circle NFT holders.


Our first investment pool is deployed out on the Binance smart chain!

10 Days Later we get an update on how our pool is doing.

We are raising another pool for some other projects in January, and Pool 2 is up almost 8% over the first day.

The benefit of pool investing is that we share fees and gas. It is sort of a DAO, where we vote on where to invest based on pool ownership. Pool 2 is actively managed by yours truly.

Do you want to join ⭕psa-inner-circle⭕ ?

Buy our NFT to join the crypto investment club:

It is a ticket to the inner circle that can be resold. Every 5 sold, price increases 10%. The NFT can be resold if you would like to leave the club.

I'll be answering more questions about this live in the PSA Meet up Wednesday at 9pm EST.


Updated Alerts

First let's talk about TQQQ, UDOW, and UPRO.

TQQQ is at the 50MA right now and has always had a great first two weeks of the year over the past five years, averaging 3.8%. I will be making a play on this, either LEAPS or commons, and riding it out to new ATHs. QQQ also works for shorter term plays on the Nasdaq.

Similar train of though for UPRO. It just came off of ATH, and might start falling to the 50MA, as the next couple months aren't the best for the S&P.

UDOW on the other hand, gaped up and had a nice day today setting new highs. This one might take a little more time to reach support, and if I had to choose I would be putting money into TQQQ more so right now for a short term swing into February. At that point switch to UDOW.

NAIL is another 3X ETF that I like to trade. I believe this one is closer to hitting support. I know some in the group are waiting for it to hit $100, but I think the 50MA is sufficient. Either way, this one could give us a nice pop.

Last of the 3Xer's is SOXL. It is the most volatile usually, and entry on it is most important. Nothing to different in this situation as it is coming off of ATH. Let's wait for support and then buy LEAPS or commons.

V has a good month in January usually. I see it bouncing down from the 180 to the 50, and a safer bet would be to buy monthly calls off of that point.

GS and other financials tend to have a good start to the year. We just missed a bounce off of the 50MA, but if it pulls back in the next couple of days, I'll go in with a monthly call.

If NKE can pull back to around $157, I like monthly calls up to $170. You have to be careful with this one as it doesn't start off the year very well, and over the past 5 years never has finished positive in March. However, if we can get in and out, it could make us some money.

LMND is still looking horrible. I'm taking my time and waiting for a touch on the 50MA, then buy puts.

Similar story for EBON. I've been saying to short this one into the ground all 2021.

DG puts are working out quite well. If you are not in them already, buy puts off of $237 ideally. Seasonality looks horrible for DG coming up.

The AMZN alert for a vertical spread triggered today. It is still a good time to get in. January is typically a great month for Amazon. These positions are usually expensive, but if you can use a Vertical spread to make is cheaper it is really worth it. I wouldn't get to excited, but usually it is considered a pretty safe play.

And lastly we have ETSY, which triggered today, although blowing past my support. I'm liking it early in 2022.


Disclaimer: The comments opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purpose only and should not be considered as individual advice or recommendations. is not responsible or liable in any way for opinions expressed here. This is not meant to be financial advice as we are not a licensed financial advisor.

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