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10 New Stock Alerts for February 2022

It has been a fiery start to 2022, yet we are rolling with the punches. If you thought rate hikes would be bad enough, in comes Ukraine. Nevertheless, it seems as if major indices and stocks are bottoming out, at least for now. It just might be time for us to start dipping our toes in the water.

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SOXX, or SOXL, is looking better and better for entry. The semiconductor ETF sold off from recent highs and has settled somewhere around the 180MA. There are also major volume shelves preventing further sell off. I like LEAPS or long term DCA from this moving average.

MARA has also been doing a lot of selling off lately, however with this last BTC and crypto push upwards, it has almost reached the 50MA again. I think this company was very over hyped and valued last year, and the correct pricing is becoming more realistic now. I like short term puts from the 50ma, or the 180ma here.

TSLA has fallen from high to sub $900 a few days, and that is the price we want. There are a lot of Tesla naysayers, but their earnings keep blowing everyone away. The stock hit the 180 twice recently, and bounced. This is a no brainer.

I've raised my XLE target to around $70, and next time it reaches this level, I'll consider buying puts on it. With the Ukraine/Russia conflict has come very high oil prices, so when the conflict passes oil should fall back to normal levels.

LMND has had a very rough time, and I am not the least bit surprised. I've been waiting for a nice resistance level to buy puts. It seems as if we are there now. The stock cant seem to retake the 50MA. I'm liking short term or monthly puts.

Similarly to MARA, we have COIN. I personally feel like they have a failing business model and will keep losing market share to Coinbase charges ridiculous fees, and just like stocks brokerages went to a free model, so will Crypto exchanges - which they already have. Puts from the 50MA look very profitable.

I still like DIA LEAPS a lot. If you are looking for a safe (as far as options go) position, you should consider DIA LEAPS. The Dow Jones is at major support, has huge volume shelves propping it up, and I believe most of the negativity is priced in for now.

I played the COST calls very well last time and called the bottom pretty perfectly. However, I didn't get the best entry and now waiting again for it to consolidate. There are so many great things that I like about this company, and the growth has been consistently excellent. If we can get a bargain, I really like this one long term.

My stance on ZM has not changed. Wait for the 50MA resistance for best entry and ride puts down as far as you feel comfortable.

Most of you probably remember the EBON puts and how much money we made off of them. Well, EBON has been going on a run lately, only because of crypto's recent pump. If for some reason the stock can reach the 180MA, it would be an amazing entry. Keep your eye out for it.



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Disclaimer: The comments opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purpose only and should not be considered as individual advice or recommendations. is not responsible or liable in any way for opinions expressed here. This is not meant to be financial advice as we are not a licensed financial advisor.

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