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Discord Trading Alerts

Discord Alerts

Get real time Pro Stock trading alerts signaled on Discord in the VIP section. In order to get permission to the VIP-Alert Section and the VIP-Chat Section, you must become a Pro Stock VIP (link below). Joining the Discord server is always free, and I pride myself in keeping a clean and courteous community where everyone can ask questions and be civil with each other. 

Join our Discord Server here: 

Become a Pro Stock VIP:

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Once registering for Pro Stock VIP, you will not only get access to the VIP Alerts, you will get the 'Diamond Hands' role in the Discord server, and you will be helping support the Pro Stock community maintain high quality content such as videos, blogs, free training, and the BEST Stock and Investing Community on the internet. Read more about becoming a Pro Stock VIP here

Discord Alerts ReadMe

  • The alerts are meant for insight into what trades I'm considering and doing based on my technical and fundamental analysis. It is best used if you modify the alerts to fit your own strategy.

  • Sometimes I'll put the exact option contract sometimes just general Monthly/Weekly. I can't know how long it will take for the price to trigger my alert and if it takes a week it could be a much shorter time until expiration therefore greatly affecting my decision making. Sometimes I'll put specific options with expiration date and strike, sometimes one or the other. But considering I don't know when the alerts will fire so the time-frame will greatly affect the decision making. For example, if I wanted a 2 weeks to expiration contract but it took a week to fire because the price traded sideways, then its a weekly play which is volatile and maybe I wouldn't do that. So if I just put in "Monthly" then whenever the alert hits, I'll be buying monthly from that point in time. Usually I'll include strike.

  • Remember I won't be posting when I close positions. This always depends on the individuals risk tolerance. I usually do 25/50/100%

  • If you have any Questions please email me, fill the contact form out below, DM me or use the VIP Chat in the Discord.