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Do you want to diversify your portfolio through Bitcoin mining? Do you want exposure to the number one cryptocurrency? We have a new mining facility starting in the U.S., and currently it is open for investors to join the project. ROI is estimated to be between 6-10 months based on current projections of BTC price, network difficulty, and operating costs. The minimum investment is currently set at $100,000USD. Interested parties, please reach out to me and I'll send you our project deck. 

BTC Mining | Bit Coin Mining Facility
BTC Mining | Bit Coin Mining Facility

Our Vision

We believe our mining should be as decentralized as cryptocurrency itself. Over-centralization of mining has been damaging to both the BTC network and to the environment. Co-locating our data centers on-site at the source of power generation, we want our digital asset production to catapult a decentralized, mining-powered renewable electricity revolution.

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