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A Message from Zachary Parker, CEO

Zachary is a massive Bitcoin and Blockchain enthusiast and investor who has been apart of the crypto industry since 2011. He is the founder of The Hedge Coin Group, a multifaceted cryptocurrency investment and consultancy company based in Shanghai, China. In 2015, he founded and led one of the first cryptocurrency hedge funds in Asia. And in 2017, Zachary opened crypto currency mining centers in many parts of Asia including, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Outer Mongolia and Hebei and has been closely involved with the Bitcoin exodus and migration from China.

In 2020, Zachary started in order to help people realize their goals of financial freedom. His annualized returns are consistently between 30-100%. Fundamentally, Zachary is a value investor that utilizes stock options as a way to increase leverage in long term positions. He has been coaching investors of all experience levels for the better part of a decade and is currently writing his first book on stocks, options and value investment.


I thoroughly enjoy what I do and consider myself a very lucky person. Now that I have found success, I want to give back, helping others learn how to build portfolios and create passive income.